Perfect solutions directly from the manufacturer

Arms, tables and hoods for better extraction of dust and smoke

Accessories directly from the manufacturer

Our extraction arms, hoods and tables are used for the precise collection of pollutants such as welding fumes, vapors or dust. The advantage of our products is obvious: We manufacture the accessories such as arms, tables, hoods as well as the equipment and systems for extraction and filtration ourselves. Whether spot, area or centralized over a source of origin, we develop the optimal solution for collection, taking into account your specific boundary conditions.

Everything must fit

The knowledge of the aerodynamic processes and an optimization of the flow combined with our many years of experience form the prerequisite for the solution of the situations on site.

Modern, three-dimensional simulation software and a customer- and practice-oriented implementation form the prerequisite for the development of perfect acquisition systems.

The ideal extraction system is only put together when the collection, pipe routing, filter system and the designed capacity are coordinated and fit together - tailored to your specific pollutant problem.

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The correct recording of pollutants is crucial

One of the most important points for a well working extraction system is the correct collection of the pollutants. This can be done via extraction arms, extraction hoods or extraction tables, as required:

Extraction arms 

Extraction arms allow for precise and effective collection of vapors, fumes or pollutants. Gas springs allow easy operation of the arms, so that they can be easily moved to any position during work. We connect the arms to the central extraction system in such a way that they are optimally operable and at the same time a reduction of the air volume flow is excluded. The functionality and quality of the extraction system is maintained in any position. Welding and soldering fumes, gases, vapors or dusts are thus extracted reliably and precisely at the point of origin.

Extraction hoods

Our extraction hoods are available in almost all conceivable shapes and sizes. In addition to precise extraction, the hoods can also extract over a large area and are used wherever a large detection radius is required. We adapt the shape of the hood to the requirements of the workplace. A wide range of nominal sizes and capture shapes are available to keep your workplaces free of dust, fumes and vapor.

Extraction tables

Extraction tables can be used for a wide variety of work such as welding, grinding, painting or burning. The emissions are also reliably captured and filtered here. The extraction table can also be used at any time without extraction as a work table for various uses. Our high-performance extraction tables are extremely resilient and, just like the hoods and arms, are individually tailored to your needs.

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