Fire protection

Flying sparks can be devastating

Fire protection that delivers what it promises

At what point fire protection makes sense is a question that practically never arises in industry. A lack of safety precautions can all too quickly lead to flying sparks in upstream production equipment causing a fire in the filter systems.

Spark pre-separation. Fire detection. Fire extinguishing

Especially in welding or painting operations, fire protection is an absolute must and starts with fire detection. Spark pre-separation, as we usually install it, prevents a fire to start in the first place. Further steps, such as fire detection and fire extinguishing are then hopefully very rarely needed.

Legal regulations for fire protection

As the operator of the plant, you are responsible for fire protection. We can install the necessary fire protection measures in your ventilation and plant technology according to your wishes and requirements. We have a lot of experience with fire protection for machines and especially in the ventilation and aeration area and know the legal regulations you have to observe. Please feel free to take advantage of our advice. Providing fire protection measures at an early stage saves expensive retrofitting and can prevent the worst from happening.

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Judge\'s decision on fire protection

There is a judgement from the Münster Higher Administrative Court from 1987 that warns against taking the risk of fire lightly:

"It is in accordance with life experience that the occurrence of a fire must be expected at practically any time. The fact that no fire breaks out in many buildings for decades does not prove that there is no danger, but represents a stroke of luck for those affected, the end of which must be expected at any time."

(Administrative Court Gelsenkirchen 5 K 101/85 of 14.11.1985; Münster Higher Administrative Court 10 A 363/86 of 11.12.1987)

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