Filtration Systems of SULT

Luftreinigung für Industrie und Schule

Room Air Filtration made to measure

Air technology in the industry, in paint shops or even in vocational schools is existential.  When welding, processing metals or plastics, in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries, dusts and gases are generated that make work difficult or even impossible. For this reason, appropriate filtration systems or room air systems are required by law in many work areas.

Comply with legal Requirements

In order to achieve the legally prescribed goals, the filtering and cleaning of the air must be carried out accordingly. From many years of experience, we not only know the legal requirements, but also have the "know-how" to implement them. Thus, we also produce individual solutions at any time and find the right solution for every requirement, so that you can work in well-filtered and dedusted air within the framework of the legal regulations.

Clean air should not be a matter of Chance

We will be happy to advise you individually on which filter system makes sense for your company, your branch of industry or your vocational training rooms. Clean air in operating rooms, wherever dusts and fumes are generated, should not be left to chance. We have the right systems for small and very large rooms. From the small "compact" to the high vacuum extraction system in a container. We are happy to present our product portfolio to you here:

SULT Compact

Up to 10 000 m3

The compact cartridge filter from the FLC series is specially designed for small air volumes up to 10 000 m2. For our customers it is the "small one with the big performance".


  • Optimum air purification - separation efficiency > 99.97% at 0.3 µm
  • Innovative filtration system with new, effective cleaning system
  • Different filter media for all dust-related problems

Plant up to 10.000 m³/h (data sheet)

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Patronenfilteranlage von Sult Schweißrauchabsaugung

SULT Modul

Up to 50,000 m³

The modular cartridge filter from the FLMD/FLGD series is characterized by its versatile applications and a large number of innovations. Many of its features make it a remarkable innovation in filter technology.


  • Patented front loading
  • Targeted raw gas distribution (patented)
  • Variable air distribution system (patented)
  • Effective cleaning
  • Optimized control
  • Contamination-free filter change

Anlage bis 20.000 m³/h (Datenblatt)

Anlage bis 50.000 m³/h (Datenblatt)

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Patronenfilteranlage in Modulbauweise von Sult Schweißrauchabsaugung

SULT V with hanging Cartridges

The SULT - cartridge filters are also available with vertical cartridge arrangement as V series. The suspended cartridges of the V series bring notable advantages:

  • For material transport and extremely high dust loading.
  • Effective cleaning of problem dusts
  • Filter cartridge change as with our other series from the clean gas side - on request also contamination-free
Filteranlage für die Industrie mit senkrechter Patronenanordnung von Sult

SULT V with hanging Cartridges

High vacuum extraction systems up to 5.000 m³

The stationary systems of the SP series operate according to the high-vacuum principle.

Thanks to the small quantities of air used in this system, the dimensions of the manifolds and suction hoses are correspondingly small.

The main lines can therefore be laid over several hundred meters in the same dimension of 160- or 200-mm diameter, depending on the turbine size. This ensures that a satisfactory level of performance is available at all extraction points.

With our extraction system, the air output can be individually produced at each extraction point, depending on the welding task and welding process.

The extraction unit is designed as a two-stage turbo blower with a drive motor in order to avoid a fluctuating power supply.

The filter unit consists of a cyclone section for the separation of coarse particles and cartridge filters for fine filtration. The very elaborately designed but effective automatic filter cleaning system operates according to the rotation method.

Single-stage fans or directly driven high-pressure fans are also available.

Hoch-Vakuum Absauganlage von SultHoch-Vakuum Absauganlage von SultHoch-Vakuum Absauganlage von SultHoch-Vakuum Absauganlage von Sult
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SULT Container 10

10“ ISO

Our high vacuum extraction units in 10" ISO are also available in a container. This makes them mobile and also ready to plug in.

Especially on construction sites and shipyards our customers need flexible solutions and like to use the SULT container.

By means of truck, forklift or crane, these are brought to the vicinity of the production site and are immediately ready for use after connection of the media.

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Sult Hoch-Vakuum Absauganlage im ContainerSult Hoch-Vakuum Absauganlage im ContainerHoch-Vakuum Absauganlage von SultHoch-Vakuum Absauganlage von Sult

SULT Container 20

20“ ISO

During the renovation of masts, during the repair of lock gates in water navigation, production conditions arise that require temporary dust removal systems with higher air volumes.

Here solutions were found, which are plug-in dedusting plants with pre-separators up to 30,000 m³/h in 20" ISO containers.

Since this depends on your individual needs, please contact us for your proposed solution.

Absauganlage im Container von SultAbsauganlage im Container von Sult

Complete Solutions from the Manufacturer

We are manufacturers of various filter units and room air systems for the industry and everywhere where air has to be cleaned in order to be able to work reasonably. From the small SULT COMPACT, to SULT MODUL, to high vacuum extraction systems in containers, we plan, design and create everything from a single source, with a view to the optimum filter result in your rooms. Individual adaptations of our filter systems are part of our daily routine. We take care of the assembly and installation with our own installation team in order to achieve optimal results.

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