Room Air Systems

Welding Fume Extraction with Push-Pull

Continuously clean air for efficient work

A good extraction system is essential for efficient work in areas where dusts are generated. Welding fume extraction using the Push-Pull suction-blow system makes an important contribution to clean air.

With these extraction systems, welding fume blankets, produced by rising combustion gases and metal particles under high temperatures, are captured relatively quickly. This is important to prevent serious health consequences. The so-called respirable pollutants can thus not cool down and sink. This extraction technology ensures a good working environment in which productive and effective work is possible in the first place.

How our room air systems with Push-Pull work

With the Push-Pull extraction technology developed by us, welding fumes are set in motion by continuous control, are extracted, filtered and then recirculated as clean air via the exhaust line.

The suction line of our welding fume filters is connected with adjustable suction grids and with a self-cleaning FLC/FLMD/FLGD - cartridge filter. The incoming welding fumes are directed through the filter area and thus intercepted. A built-in microprocessor monitors the pressure build-up (dust cake on the cartridge) and triggers the cleaning process. The cleaning process can also be controlled by a timer. For the compressed air needed for extraction, there is a corresponding connection on the outside of the unit.

A centrifugal fan is connected to the clean gas side of the filter. This can have a capacity of up to 50,000 m³/h at a pressure of 2,500 Pa. The pipe silencer and the exhaust line with the corresponding adjustable grids are mounted to the exhaust side of the fan. Exhaust arms enable targeted collection of dust and fumes to be discharged.

Hall ventilation with auxiliary ventilation

When planning your extraction systems, we always take into account the supply of fresh air.

Especially for welding fume filters with Push-Pull, additional measures to support the supply of fresh air are useful, as this extraction technology is not a source or point extraction. The installation of a ceiling fan and the use of further personal protective measures and product details, such as a fresh air unit, is recommended. We will be happy to advise you individually on sensible measures.

Push-Pull Raumfiltersystem von SultPush-Pull Raumfiltersystem von SultPush-Pull Raumfiltersystem von SultPush-Pull Raumfiltersystem von Sult
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